Woman writes epic open letter to man who called her fat

​Lindsey Swift, 26, was training with her boyfriend in Barnsley, England for her first 10K when a stranger hung out the window of his white van and yelled fat jokes in an attempt to shame Swift about her weight.

Despite the fact that Swift was working up a sweat and taking care of her health, the man felt a need to push her down a peg. Fortunately, Swift took a note from (Taylor) Swift and understood that haters are going to hate. She won't let anyone's rude opinions bring her down.

She didn't exactly shake it off either, though. To address the man's rude and ignorant comments, Swift wrote an inspiring open letter "to the idiot who thought it was ok to heckle [her] with fat jokes on [her] run. Read it and weep, rude perpetrator:

An open letter to the idiot who thought it was ok to heckle me with fat jokes on my run yesterday,

Your comment was a clear indication of both your incredibly witty repartee and a feat of observational comedy. I am indeed a big girl, and I am indeed beautiful. Thanks for noticing. I'm not sure who you were telling I was fat, you clearly have eyes, and the only other people present were me and my boyfriend. I assure you that despite your concern I do own a mirror, and my boyfriend has seen my fat body as he too has eyes. Don't tell anyone but I think he might even like it.

Normally I don't get militant about these things, idiots are idiots. However, I can see why comments like these might put a person less confident than me off from running, and that is shameful. Everyone starts somewhere.

Let me make one thing very clear, I am not ashamed of my body. It has never stopped me from doing anything I want. My fat body has done things that you, hanging out of the window of your babe-magnet white van could only ever dream of. My fat body has been swimming in crystal clear Thai seas that you have probably only ever seen on TV. It has lived in countries you wouldn't dream of visiting and been a part of cultures you are too small minded to appreciate. My fat legs have carried me up mountains on more than one occasion. My fat brain speaks languages you probably don't see the point of learning, which is why you spend your time hanging out of van windows since you have nothing better to occupy it with.

Recently I made the decision to get fit as I thought it would be a fun thing to do, and good for my health. Not that I have to justify my body to you, but I have a goal to run 10k, and I will get there. I'm a stone lighter than I was, and can do a whole host of things I couldn't do before. It baffles me that anyone would try to discourage that kind of effort. Excuse me if my assumptions about you are wrong, but I only have your actions to go by. If my fat arse running (quite slowly I might add, I was bloody shattered) offends you and spoils your journey, try driving with your eyes closed, into a lamp post.

But in all seriousness, now I have written this, I feel sorry for you. Your behaviour is not normal, and your manners are well below par. Most importantly though, I forgive you. Here's hoping that anyone with a goal, fat or thin, isn't put off by this kind of thing. I know I haven't been.

Engage your brain before opening your mouth.


OH SNAP! Swift just shut that body-shamer down in the best possible way! Swift loves her "fat body" and proved just how far it has taken her thus far. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Swift is definitely a winner in our eyes. You go, Lindsey Swift. Good luck with the 10K!

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