4 trending stories you may have missed this week

Top Viral Stories Of The Week - August 21st, 2015

From a pro-dancer groom's surprise for his ballerina bride to a high school senior being sent home from school for exposing her collarbone, there was no shortage of attention-grabbing stories this week. In case you fell off the grid a bit, here are a few that made waves.

1. Woman carries her unborn twin for 45 years

When 45-year-old Jenny Kavanagh visited doctors for a simple procedure, they discovered an undeveloped unborn twin growing inside her. The twin was discovered when medics spotted a mass growing in Kavanagh's left ovary during an ultrasound.

The discovery contained a face, an eye, a tooth and long black hair just like Kavanagh's.

2. Pro-dancer groom surprises ballerina bride with wedding dance mash-up

Choreographed dances at weddings have become almost as common as the cake. This latest groom nailed the execution of his dance, the surprise and making it go viral.

Kirk Henning, a professional dancer for the Richmond Ballet, surprised his new wife, Valerie with a dance mash-up that included Britney Spears, Bruno Mars and more!

According to the YouTube upload, Valerie is also a ballerina!

3. Girl sent home from school for exposing collarbone

For as long as there have been dress codes, there have been students in protest of them -- but rarely do we see parents getting involved.

43-year-old Stacie Dunn from Versailles, Kentucky, is speaking out against the strict dress code enforced at her daughter's school after her daughter was sent home for a violation.

Woodford County High School deemed the seemingly modest outfit inappropriate because it revealed the young woman's clavicle.

In a Facebook post, Dunn wrote:

"Woodford County High School and the principle have been enforcing a dress code whereas girls cannot show even their collarbones because it may distract their male classmates. This is ridiculous! Parents are being called away from their important jobs and students are missing important class time because they are showing their collarbones! Something needs to change!"

Scott Hawkins, Woodford County Schools superintendent, told Today that the school's dress code policy has existed for more than 10 years. He said:

"Our school administration has been very open with students and parents alike, that if they feel like changes need to be made, they are open to suggestions. It just needs to be measurable so that it can be consistently enforced."

4. Footprints of dinosaurs strolling on the beach found in Germany

Even if you weren't one of those kids who obsessed over dinosaurs, chances are you'll still find this story pretty incredible.

A trail of giant footprints left behind by two 30-ton carnivorous dinosaurs have been discovered on a beach in Germany.

Scientists say the footprints, which each measure four feet across and are 17 inches deep, were made 140 million years ago.

Researchers came upon and excavated their fossilized footprints between 2009 and 2011.

Based on the sizes of the prints, it's believed they were megalosaurus, about the same size as velociraptor.

The scientists note that if the two were on a family outing, it could suggest that dinosaurs of their kind were much more social than currently believed.

Another possibility is that the two visited the area on separate occasions, perhaps years apart.

That's a wrap on our weekly roundup of trending and viral stories. Check back next week for a new batch of stories you may have missed.

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4 trending stories you may have missed this week
MUENCHEHAGEN, GERMANY - AUGUST 20: Volunteers are silhouetted by the rising sun while clearing rocks next to footprints of a long-neck dinosaurs (Diplodocus), found in a quarry, on August 20, 2015 in Muenchehagen, Germany. Archaeologists discovered 90 Dinosaurs footprints mainly of a long-neck dinosaurs (Diplodocus) and Allosauripus in early August in a local querry in the region of Rehburg-Loccum, close to the capital of the state of Lower-Saxony, Hanover. The found footprints of the long-neck dinosaurs (Diplodocus) have a diameter of 1.20metres and are seen on a track of 50 metres, according to the palaeontoligists on the site, the long-neck dinosaur cradled around 25-30 tons, could grow up to 27 metres long and lived during the upper Jurassic period, some 140 million years ago. (Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images)
TIANJIN, CHINA - AUGUST 20: (CHINA OUT) Rescuers spray hydrogen peroxide at the site of Tianjin warehouse explosion on August 20, 2015 in Tianjin, China. The death toll from last week's massive blasts in Tianjin rose to 114, and 65 people remained missing, officials said. (Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, VA - AUGUST 20: U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Krystle McGrath (L) and Army Staff Sgt. Jonathan Cox visit the grave of Sgt. First Class Matthew Ivan Legget during the burial service for U.S. Army Air Forces Staff Sgt. Ward C. Swalwell in Section 60 at Arlington National Cemetery August 20, 2015 in Arlington, Virginia. McGrath was visiting Leggett's grave one year after she attempted to save his life when he was stabbed at a checkpoint in Afghanistan. Swalwell was buried Thursday, more than 70 years after he and the six other men on the crew of the B-26G Marauder 'Hunconscious,' of the 599th Bombardment Squadron, were shot down during a mission to bomb an enemy-held bridge in Eller, Germany. The crew's remains were found and identified after the wreckage was discovered in 2006. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
ATHENS, GREECE - AUGUST 20: Syrian migrants arrive into Greece's main port after being transported from the Greek islands on a ferry carrying approximately 2,600 migrants on August 20, 2015 in Piraeus, Greece. Greece has been overwhelmed this year by record numbers of migrants arriving on its eastern Aegean islands, with more than 160,000 arriving since January. (Photo by Milos Bicanski/Getty Images)
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 19: Ivan Kljakovic of Croatia sails in the Finn class on the Niteroi course during the International Sailing Regatta - Aquece Rio Test Event for Rio 2016 Olympics on August 19, 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)
Left wing militant throw molotov cocktails as police attempt to disperse people gathered during a demonstration on August 19, 2015 in Istanbul's Gazi district. AFP PHOTO / YASIN AKGUL (Photo credit should read YASIN AKGUL/AFP/Getty Images)
A woman speaks with riot policemen asking permission to go the her house during a protest against the electoral system in Managua, on August 19, 2015. Demonstrators ask for an impartial electoral court for the 2016 presidential elections. AFP PHOTO / Inti OCON (Photo credit should read Inti Ocon/AFP/Getty Images)
An Israeli border guard patrols in the east Jerusalem Arab neighbourhood of Issawiya on August 19, 2015, during clashes with Palestinian stone-throwers following a demonstration in support of Mohammed Allan, a Palestinian detainee held without charge in an Israeli jail since November and whose two-month hunger strike has put his life at risk. Israel's top court considered whether to free the Palestinian detainee, with authorities fearing his death could worsen tensions in the occupied territories. AFP PHOTO / AHMAD GHARABLI (Photo credit should read AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/Getty Images)
A man runs near a stack of burning tires as farmers protest in front of the prefecture early on August 19, 2015 in Saint-Lo, northwestern France. AFP PHOTO/CHARLY TRIBALLEAU (Photo credit should read CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/AFP/Getty Images)
A man is reflected in a puddle as he walks across Moscow's Red Square on August 18, 2015. AFP PHOTO / KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV (Photo credit should read KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images)
Competitors in fancy dress jump off Worthing Pier in West Sussex, Southern England on August 16, 2015, during the annual international birdman competition, a flight contest for human-powered flying machines held each summer. AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS (Photo credit should read JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)
BOZEAT, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 16: A cow scratches its back after being milked at Newlands Farm on August 16, 2015 in Bozeat, England. Newlands Farm Bozeat has 138 cows and is part of Arla Milk Link, a group of over 1,500 farmers that supplies 1.2 billion litres of milk annually to the Arla Foods cooperative. The price farmers are paid for milk has fallen by a 25 percent over the past year, with many being paid less than the cost of production. Following crisis talks with farming unions, supermarkets Aldi and Lidl have announced that they will begin to pay a minimum of 28 pence per litre from Monday with Morrisons pledging to pay 26 pence per litre from later in the month. (Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images)
Migrants board a boat to the Greek island of Kos on early August 16, 2015 off the shore of Bodrum, southwest Turkey. Authorities on the island of Kos have been so overwhelmed that the government sent a ferry to serve as a temporary centre to issue travel documents to Syrian refugees -- among some 7,000 migrants stranded on the island of about 30,000 people. The early hours are the safest time for migrants travelling from Turkey to the Greek islands just across the water, which have seen a huge influx of refugees escaping the civil war in Syria and chaos in Afghanistan since the beginning of this year. AFP PHOTO/BULENT KILIC (Photo credit should read BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images)
A field of sunflowers is pictured during the 2015 Zama Sunflower Festival in Zama, Kanagawa prefecture on August 16, 2015. Some 50,000 visitors were expected to visit the festival by August 16, the final day of the summer holiday season known as 'obon'. AFP PHOTO / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA (Photo credit should read TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP/Getty Images)
YOGYAKARTA, INDONESIA - AUGUST 15: Locals play a game of fire football, known as 'bola api', a coconut is soaked in kerosene and set on fire during celebrations of Indonesia's National Independence Day on August 15, 2015 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia became an independent nation on August 17, 1945 having previously been under Dutch rule. (Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images)
Honour guards perform during a parade in Seoul on August 15, 2015. South Korea was celebrating the 70th anniversary of its liberation from Japanese colonial rule. AFP PHOTO / Ed Jones (Photo credit should read ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images)
A chipmunk runs on a red carpet near a guard of honour of Indian troops moments before the beginning of an Independence Day ceremony where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech from The Red Fort in New Delhi on August 15, 2015. Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned that corruption was eating away at India 'like a termite' as he used an independence day speech to pledge his commitment to eradicating graft and poverty. In an address from the ramparts of Delhi's Red Fort, Modi sought to silence growing doubts about his leadership after key reforms stalled in a rancorous parliament session dogged by allegations of corruption involving some of his top lieutenants. AFP PHOTO/Roberto SCHMIDT (Photo credit should read ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images)
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