Brothers behead their sister over love affair with a cousin

Two brothers beheaded their 17-year-old sister on Monday for having a love affair with their cousin. The girl, Jehan, was dragged out of her house in the village of Bahmani in India and brutally beaten by her two brothers before they murdered her.

Despite dozens of people watching the horrifying event, residents did not inform the police of the incident. It was reported hours later by a local security guard.

Now, police are searching for Jehan's two brothers, Nanhe and Gul Hussain. Neither brother has been seen since the attack. While we do not know how old the boys are, they are said to be older than their sister.

After the boys beheaded their sister, they left the body in the street and walked around Bahmani holding the girl's head. They shouted that they were against their sister's relationship with a cousin as they paraded her head around the village. They yelled:

"This is what happens as punishment for having an affair."

While honour killings may be common in India, it is rare for people to use such brutality as this. India is considered one of the harshest places for women to live as there is often female infanticide and child marriage.

Watch this video to learn more about living conditions for some women in India:

Women In India 'Still Not Considered Human Beings'

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