This fun and fabulous trend literally blew up on Instagram this summer

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Pool Swan PHOTO

While past summers saw their fair share of bikini-clad besties, oversized sunglasses, flip flops, ice cream, and giant straw hats all over their Instagram feeds, this summer's hottest Insta trend was something we never expected to call "trendy."

If you didn't post an Instagram picture with a giant pool float, you basically missed out on summer altogether. Random as it may be, pool inflatables were perhaps the biggest Instagram trend this summer.

It all started with the glorified swan inflatable we saw lounging in Taylor Swift's and the Kardashian's pools. The giant swan became known as the biggest status-defining factor of the summer. It was super chic and everyone who's anyone rocked a swan in their pools.

After the emergence of the infamous swan float, new inflatable designs began popping up all over the Insta-verse. We saw the sassy flamingo, the delicious donut, and the drool-worthy pizza slice taking over our Instagram feeds one backyard pool at a time. Here are some of our favorite inflatable Insta pics of the summer.

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