The only back-to-college shopping list you'll ever need

Everything You Need To Know For Dorm Room Shopping

Now that our beloved summer break is coming to an end, college students are preparing to trade their cozy beds at home for the infamous dorm room twin XL. Some high school graduates are embarking on college dormitory life for the first time and are currently swimming in anxiety as they attempt to gear up for their impending college journeys.

Before you go running to Bed, Bath & Beyond without a clue, though, you should take a note from us and include our carefully crafted shopping list in the one you've undoubtedly put together on your own. If you want to have the best college experience ever, you're going to need these few things.

1. Two plastic shoe hangers - one will be hung over your closet door to keep your shoes in, the other will be hung over your dorm room door to keep your snacks in.

2. Bed risers - Trust us, you're going to need as much storage space as you can get. By raising your bed a few feet, you can throw some storage containers under there so that your dresser isn't crammed with wrinkled sweaters falling out of the drawers. Plus, now you have more food storage! It's a win-win in our books.

3. A car air freshener - these are perfect to stick to your vents to ensure a fresh smell in your inevitably tiny dorm room. Just be sure to remove it when the RA comes in for inspection!

4. Posters - you don't want to feel like you're in a prison but you can't afford legitimate decorations. Head to Amazon now for all the neon, "Keep Calm," and "Friends" posters of your dreams.

5. A pop-up hamper - because it's so much more fun than a regular hamper.

6. Costume clothes - we're talking tutus, neon leggings, sparkles, fishnets, etc. You never know what wacky theme some frat house will come up with for their weekly parties. Keep in mind that you will DEFINITELY need something that can be turned into a toga at some point. So frat.

7. A dark comforter - even if your intentions are good, we promise you will not wash it for at least 6 months. Keep it dark so as not to terrify your friends when they come over to pregame...I mean study.

8. A feather bed - it may seem expensive but it's cheaper than the chiropractor's office you'll be frequenting if you don't get it.

9. Shower shoes - community bathrooms for the win! Double points if your dorm has unisex bathrooms.

10. An HDMI cord - this is possibly the most important and most commonly forgotten item on the list. When you're planning a low-key girls night during which you expect to binge eat Chinese food and binge watch episodes of "Gossip Girl," you're going to want a bigger screen than the one attached to your laptop. Use the HDMI cord to connect your laptop to a larger screen in your dorm room or common space and you'll have a much more comfortable cozy night in!

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