Your guide to one of Greece's most beautiful islands: Mykonos

Mykonos Travel Guide
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Your guide to one of Greece's most beautiful islands: Mykonos
Photo Credit: Glam Latte
The boat outside Salparo restaurant

Photo Credit: Glam Latte

Overlooking Chora

Photo Credit: Glam Latte

This restaurant is a little hidden gem

Photo Credit: Glam Latte

A view of the bay in Chora

Photo Credit: Glam Latte

The Chora Windmills

Photo Credit: Glam Latte

Beautiful Church in Chora

Photo Credit: Glam Latte

The fishing houses in Little Venice

Photo Credit: Glam Latte

Kastros Restaurant down a little alley way in Chora. Another one I didn't get to eat at, but definitely on my list when I return

Photo Credit: Glam Latte

Paraportiani Church which is a collection of 5 cave like churches

Photo Credit: Glam Latte

I had the BEST view from my AirBnB Flat

Photo Credit: Glam Latte


By: Glam Latte

Travel season is among us and so many people are heading to Europe's most beautiful beachy locations for the summer. I decided to put out this travel guide for any of you who are heading over to one of Greece's most beautiful islands – Mykonos. These are all photos and tips from my most recent trip there last fall and if you missed it I posted a photo diary as well as a video diary you can check out. I went into some detail about my trip but here are some specifics on the island itself.

Where to Stay:

AirBnB Hands down I think is the way to go, especially if you're on a budget. It was the difference between me staying two days or six. I chose six.

Petasos – This is a great luxury hotel away from the hustle and bustle of Chora situated in the Psarrou village. It is quiet, relaxing and I visited their spa which was amazing.

Where to Eat:

Alegro: This restaurant is located right on the water in Chora and the view is outstanding. This is a family style cafe and had the most amazing omelettes.

Salparo: Located in Chora you can't miss the big boat. I had dinner here and they have amazing seafood, beautiful views and a great vibe.

Starbucks Mykonos: This might sound horrific, and believe me, initially I thought there was no way I would go to Starbucks with so many great Mom and Pop restaurants, however being lactose intolerant in Mykonos was a challenge. I broke down and headed to Starbucks on my 4th day and it was great.

AB Supermarket: This is a great option if you go with AirBnB and end up with a kitchen. I'm also gluten intolerant so I went and got some groceries to have some food on hand in my apartment just in case.

What to do:

  • Rent a car or scooter to get around the island. Although it is a very small island (about 30 square miles) you will need one unless you stay in Chora.
  • If you do rent a car or scooter venture out and visit the beaches. Ornos Beach, Psarou Beach, Agios Sostis Beach, Panormos Beach and Ornos Beach are a few great ones.
  • Wander the cobble stone streets of Chora. There are so many cute shops selling paintings and jewelry and you'll find little cafes and restaurants to pop into.
  • Head over to Super Paradise beach club. If you want a party scene, this is it. Spend 6 Euro and get a chair hang out eat, drink and swim.
  • Head to Little Venice in time for Sunset and see the rows of fishing houses with balconies that hang over the sea. Also visit the Chora windmills.
  • Try to find Petros the Pelican, the official mascot of the island.

Other tips:

  • Pack lots of breezy dresses and comfy shoes. The weather is hot and you are going to want to walk around.
  • Bring beach essentials- SPF, cute sarong and sunnies.
  • The sun, sand and wind will take a toll on your hair. Prepare for frizz with a sun hat.
  • Don't forget the plug converter.
  • There are ATM's everywhere, but they are expensive. Try to have some cash and use credit cards when you can.
  • Have your camera with you at all times. This place is so beautiful you are going to want to snap A LOT of pictures!
  • Relax and take it all in. This is such a calming, relaxing place, really try to enjoy it!
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