World's 'first flower' potentially discovered

World's 'First Flower' Potentially Discovered

Scientists studying fossils found in Spain say they may have found the world's 'first flower.' Kind of.

Researchers were studying fossils of a freshwater plant species known as Montsechia vidalii that once grew in Spanish lakes way back in the day -- like dinosaur days.

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However, one particular fossil that was discovered more than 100 years ago is just now making waves in the scientific community, as experts have given it a fresh look.

They determined that what they once thought was a 130 million-year-old weed, is actually a flower, or in more scientific terms, an angiosperm.

It's not exactly something you would put on your dining room table or give to your girlfriend, though. Apparently, it was the kind of plant that the Brachiosaurus or Iguanodon chewed on.

Still, scientists are skeptical (naturally).

Speaking of flowers, get in the mood for autumn with these gorgeous fall flower arrangements:

8 Fall Flower Arrangements You're Missing Out On
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World's 'first flower' potentially discovered

Embrace the single life. People often think to isolate a tulip or a peony but don’t extend the same courtesy to the chrysanthemum. I think it’s fatigue from doing the same thing all year, but don’t underestimate a new bloom’s power to make the familiar fresh.

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Think beyond berries. I’m not a huge fan of mixing flowers with fruit and/or vegetables -- especially berries, which tend to scatter and stain. Artichokes and persimmons, on the other hand, add dimension without the maintenance hazard.

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Or at least use them wisely. Rules were made to be broken, right? The berries in this arrangement act as a subtle anchor, not a theatrical ploy.

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Give the leaves some love. Warm-weather arrangements are all about pops of color. Why not showcase the texture of flora come fall? These pink dahlias are stunning, but what I love most is the gorgeous texture of the leaves. When you see that kind of detail up close, you can appreciate why the changing trees look so beautiful from afar.

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Add a Midas touch. You saw this one coming a mile away, didn’t you? I do love a metallic -- and a Chinese lantern, and an artful gourd panorama. The whole setup turns rustic materials into something luxurious.

Image Credit: Maura McEvoy

Perk up with pastels. The colors may be similar, but this is hardly an Easter basket. A salad bowl, maybe -- kale is an edgy foil to soft silvers and pinks.

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Get a little corny. I’ve always had a thing for Indian corn. This jewel-toned swag looks like a bouquet hung out to dry -- to deliciously moody results.

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Shake your aster. This classic fall flower plays well with others. The all-purple gradient is regal, yet unexpected -- and I love the Asian-inspired pitcher.

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