Google's Project Ara delayed because modular phone was falling apart

Project Ara and Modular Phones: The Future of Mobile Computing

Project Ara came out as a groundbreaking idea from Google, which was aiming to produce a modular phone that lets the users add whatever they need to it and customize the product according to their preferences. If you need more battery power, just add another battery module to the phone deck and the game is on. The same applies to any other components like different camera modules or memory.

The deck that hosts all the modules was conceived to originally use magnets to keep each piece in place, but a recent tweet by the project's account hints that it might not have been a bright idea. If dropped, the phone would apparently break apart and all the pieces would not stay in place, forcing the team to rethink how to approach the design:

While the creators tweeted that they are "testing a signature experience to attach/detach modules," it remains unclear what such set up would look like and be made of.

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