Your next selfie stick is a drone on a leash

Fotokite Phi Is A Collapsible Drone On A Leash

Selfie sticks are probably the most popular (and awkward) addition to the photographic world and have already become an integral part of how we take photos of ourselves. Just as we are getting used to seeing flocks of tourists holding these shiny extensions of their arms up in the air, there might be a big change in the trend.

Technology is helping the selfie stick become cool again by turning it into a drone on a leash.
Fotokite has come up with an idea that lets anyone use a drone without the need for any piloting knowledge and have it take photos of you while you hold a cable attached to it.

The drone offers great portability since its "arms" are foldable and the whole device will fit in your backpack. All you need is to stick a GoPro camera on it and give it a twist with your wrist. The motion will activate the rotors and the drone will hover away from you while keeping the cable you hold tense. You can control the direction of the drone by simply moving the receiver at your end of the cable.

The Swiss company launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the necessary funds ($300,000) to begin mass scale production and ship the product by March 2016. The project raised more than $35,000 in the first 3 hours it was live, showing a very promising start. The retail price for the drone will be $500 but you can grab your early bird for half the price if you fund the campaign.

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