WATCH: Adorable twin babies duke it out over a pacifier

Being a twin seems like the dream life because you basically get two of everything. Twice the clothes, twice the jewelry, twice the beauty products, etc. As long as you understand the valuable concept of sharing, being a twin can provide some pretty sweet perks.

But what happens when there's only one of something between the two of you? These adorable twin babies perfectly capture the "survival of the fittest" mentality as they duke it out over a pacifier. They might love each other, but they REALLY love sucking on that addictive calming device. Not even family ties will get in the way of a baby and her beloved pacifier.

The feud began when the baby on the left stole the pacifier directly out of the baby on the right's mouth. How rude! The baby on the right was not about to take that treatment sitting down. Well, maybe she was sitting down. But that's just because she hasn't learned to walk yet.

Two can play the baby on the right's game, though. The baby on the left stole the pacifier right back and popped it into her mouth. It's a good thing neither of these babies are old enough to be germaphobes yet.

The grabbing gestures continued over the course of the 34 second video (above) as the babies grew increasingly aggressive and began throwing in a few face-grabs to show that they meant business. It looks like these parents better buy their babies a second pacifier. It has to be exactly the same as the one they already have, though, or they'll have a huge jealousy problem on their hands. It's a good thing these babies are really cute!

Watch this video to see more adorable fighting twin babies:

Twin Baby Girls FIght in an Adorable Battle

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