As it turns out, tongue-rolling gene is a myth

Tongue-Rolling Gene Is a Myth

You probably think that if you can't roll your tongue, it's because of genetics -- but that's not true.

Previous studies say that between 65 and 81 percent of people can roll their tongue and that the rest have poor genetics.

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That's not true according to several studies -- the most recent of which coming out of the University of Delaware. Apparently, some people are just better at the trick than others.

The lead on the tongue study, John H. McDonald, says he has debunked other genetic myths too, such as the following:

1. There's an attached vs. detached earlobe gene.

2. Two red-haired people can't have a child with another hair color.

3. Two blue-eyed people can't have a child with brown eyes.

Did you ever believe these myths to be true?

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