These 3 apps pay you for shopping

The Best Shopping Apps

Technology can make your grocery shopping experience way easier and even profitable. There are a variety of apps that help you choose the right products as well as reward you throughout the process not only by making you save money, but even giving you more of it.

Here are the top 3 you need to know:

1) Saving Star

Every week this app tells you what items are eligible for cash back. You can either link your loyalty card or scan the receipt and once you reach enough points for your award the app sends you the money via PayPal, bank transfer or gift card.

2) BerryCart

Similar to Saving Star, except this time you'll need to read some information about products or answer some survey questions before you get your awards.

3) Ibotta
It also keeps track of rebate dollars but before you unlock it you need to watch a video or read some facts. You can link this app to your Facebook account and team up with your friends.

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