Mom searches for mystery nurse who saved her choking daughter at a gas station

Courtesy of Shutterstock
Courtesy of Shutterstock

Melanie Morantus, a mother in in Mansfield, Massachusetts, stopped at a Stop and Shop on Friday to get gas for her car.

As she looked in her car's rear view mirror, she saw that her daughter was gagging and her lips were turning blue.

Morantus told WCVB:

%shareLinks-quote="I immediately got out of my car and performed the Heimlich but there was nothing lodged in her throat. She wasn't eating or drink prior but had gone completely lifeless." type="quote" author="Melanie Morantus" authordesc="Mother of the choking child" isquoteoftheday="false%

A nurse who happened to be at the gas station asked attendants to call 911 as she cleared the young girl's throat.

Morantus said that they think her daughter had a febrile seizure and began to choke on her saliva. She also mentioned that the nurse was so calm and helpful, saying, "Without her, I don't know if my daughter would have regained consciousness as quick as she did, and our story could be very different."

In the chaos of the situation, Morantus forgot to ask the nurse for her name, but she wants to women to know that she is a "true hero."

See the video below for choking prevention tips:

Choking Prevention Tips
Choking Prevention Tips

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