5 unhealthy salads that can completely ruin your diet

Top 10 Unhealthy Health Foods
Whether you've been a health guru for years or you're barely getting into your health kick groove, one thing's for certain -- determining what to eat on a daily basis isn't always a walk in the park. After all, we've all heard of foods that are widely perceived to be healthy which are actually the complete opposite. But today, we're looking into one food in particular that is generally good for you, but can occasionally be ruined -- salads!

Yes, the salad -- one of the most common "healthy" go-to dishes. But the truth is, just as any other food -- with certain things added and layered, it can be a recipe for disaster. Here are 5 salads that may sound ridiculously delicious, but are actually seriously bad for you.

1) Chicken caesar salad

Filled with croutons, buttered chicken and a mayonnaise dressing, this baby is usually made with a whopping 500 calories.

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2) Cobb salad

Often made with way too much cheese and fried meat, this salad has all the calories you DON'T need.

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3) Oriental chicken salad

Topped with loads of vinaigrette, aka tons of sugar and sodium.

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4) Nacho salad

Packed with preservatives that up your calorie intake.

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5) Asian salad

Typically made with fried chicken, crunchy noodles and sugary vinaigrettes, these salads are packed with sodium.

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5 unhealthy salads that can completely ruin your diet

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