Weed is now being used to treat anorexia

Why Anorexia Is So Hard to Fight

The National Eating Disorder Association estimates that 30 million people in the United States are living with an eating disorder.

Finding adequate treatments for eating disorders can seem impossible at times, but recently, people have been turning to marijuana as treatment.

While cognitive-behavioral therapy and medication has been commonly used, marijuana's reputation of increasing one's appetite has persuaded people to gravitate towards the drug for treatment.

For people with anorexia, one-third of patients remain chronically ill, and some of that percentage will eventually die.

Only five of the 23 states that have medical marijuana programs classify anorexia nerviosa as a condition that is eligible for a medical marijuana card. None of the states included bulimia or other unspecified eating disorders as being eligible.

Neither the Academy for Eating Disorders nor the National Eating Disorders association currently recognize marijuana as a legitimate treatment for eating disorders.

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