The world's most beautiful and endangered travel destinations

Endangered Travel Destinations
Endangered Travel Destinations

Thinking about going on a romantic getaway with your sweetheart or an adventure-filled family vacation? Well, if any of these endangered spots are on your list, you might want to book your trip sooner than expected. That's right, sadly, some of the world's most beautiful travel spots are under attack by climate change and booming human populations.

But while the thought of this is disheartening to say the least, we're here to showcase these endangered destinations so you can visit before they're gone for good. Take a look below and get packing!

1) The Great Barrier Reef

2) Alaska's glaciers

3) Venice, Italy

4) Antarctica

5) The Himalayas

6) The Alps

7) Machu Picchu, Peru

We want to know which endangered destination YOU want to visit most! Shout it out in the poll below:

For more travel inspiration, click through for the world's most DANGEROUS travel destinations:

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