Shake Shack unveils a lobster-topped burger

Shake Shack Adds Lobster Surf N' Turf to Its Menu


We've reached peak summer: Starting today through September 20, Shake Shack locations in Boston and Connecticut will sell the Surf N' Shack — a hamburger topped with lettuce, tomato, ShackSauce, and Maine lobster.

It only costs $8.99, which is actually a steal for a lobster sandwich, and Homarus is providing the seafood. (With Danny Meyer's backing, you can trust that this won't be an all-mayo, no-claw McLobster situation.) What does Grub have to do to get this on the menu in New York?

[Shake Shack]

Are you looking to try Shake Shack's new burger?
Photo Credit: Shake Shack

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