14 thrift store shopping tips ready to help you score some awesome stuff

How to Get the Most Out of Thrift Stores

Thrifting refers to shopping at a thrift store or garage sales usually in the hopes of buying quality items on the cheap side. Thrifting is the best way to revamp your home or expand you closet on a budget. Despite their doom and gloom looks, you're bound to find hidden treasures in just about every thrift store you encounter. Be sure to follow these tips next time you set out on a thrifting adventure:

1) Map out your stores
It'll take some research, but when you're thrifting it's essential to hit up a couple different stores to really get the treasure hunt going. Scour the internet and find the best thrift stores in your area. Go on Craigslist and do a little garage sale search. You should end up with a couple prime stops to make in your next thrifting escapade.

2) Call ahead and ask about daily deals
Call your local thrift shops and make sure you ask about their daily deals. A lot of them have colored tags, military discounts, discounts for teachers and senior citizens and you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to save even more money.

3) Know your charity
Many well-known thrift stores exist to raise money to support a particular organization's missions. Goodwill Industries, for instance, provides vocational rehabilitation for the disabled. The Salvation Army raises money to offer food, job training, and spiritual guidance to the poor.

4) Shop off-season
Think about your summer wardrobe in the winter and, in turn, think about your winter wardrobe in the summer. This way you'll have prime selection and you'll extremely prepared for the approaching seasons.

5) Bring a set amount of money
Leave the plastic at home and bring cash. Thrifting is a danger zone when it comes to scoring great deals. Because you're scoring so many, you feel the need to keep spending. Bring an allotted amount of cash will prevent this from happening.

6) Don't stay stuck in one section section
Just because you're a woman, don't be a afraid to go through the men's section. You never know what you'll find if you don't look through the entire store.

7) Have a goal
Are you looking for a dress shirt? Or a new spring jacket perhaps? It's important to have a goal when you're thrifting because it's really easy to get distracted.

8) Dress smart
Wear something functional while thrifting like simple pair of flats and a tank top, so you can try items on as you go.

9) Take your time
Digging for treasure takes time. Making sure you take your time while going thrifting because being in a rush takes all the fun out of the process.

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Thrifting finds
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14 thrift store shopping tips ready to help you score some awesome stuff
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Today's local thrifting finds 😃 H&M cross body | $1 Sunglasses | $1 Bow | F R E E #yay #thriftingfinds #shoppingday #score
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When you find good stuff at Buffalo Exchange🙏🏻 #thriftingfinds
Dooney and Bourke for $4 thrifting today. #secondhand #thriftingfinds #thrifting #fashion #cheap
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10) Look for name brand clothing
When you go thrifting you should keep an eye out for designer brands because they have better stitching and superb quality fabrics.

11) Consider alterations
Don't let go of those cute cut-off shorts because they their a tad too long. If you only spent $2 on them, their definitely worth a bit of altering for your wearing pleasure.

12) Bargain
This is pretty much the only shopping opportunity that exists where you can actually talk the price down with the cashier so take advantage.

13) Ask when the shop gets new inventory
Some stores get new treasures every day, while others get new things once a week. Keep this in mind when you're building out your thrifting map.

14) Wash all the clothes you buy
This goes for all clothing in general. Any washable item you buy must be washed in a machine before you go ahead and wear it because you can never be too careful.

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