A couple remodeled their kitchen to look like the one in The Simpsons

Couple Models Kitchen After "The Simpsons"


Ay caramba, there's a Simpsons kitchen IRL: Proud owners Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton obsess over the show enough that they've been slowly but surely transforming their kitchen into an exact replica of Marge's, down to installing checkerboard linoleum and "cartoon" doorknobs and sewing their own corncob curtains. (Lots of work, but apparently a no-brainer: "Who wouldn't want corncob curtains? C'mon!")

Right now, makeshift contact paper has made the oven the correct shade of hideous avocado, but they're in the market for green vintage appliances, including a fridge, thankfully, so they can properly stash all that official Duff beer.

[CBC via Nerdist]

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