5 reasons post-grads should look forward to not going back to school

Every New Grad Will Relate To This Video

For those of us who loved college, graduation was an emotional time. We weren't quite ready to leave our bubble worlds of beer pong, late night Easy Mac, intellectually stimulating conversation (in the classroom, of course), and frequent naps.

However, as we've gotten used to our new grown up statuses in the real world this summer, we're kind of liking the idea of not going back to school. Sure, college was amazing. But do we really want to re-live it? The thought of getting all dolled up to hang out with the same people at the same bar every Friday night isn't quite as appealing as it used to be. Just the thought of studying all night for a Shakespeare final has become exhausting.

Here's why we're more than happy to maintain our posts in the real(ish) world as our younger former classmates prepare for another year in the dorms.

1. If we go to Bed, Bath & Beyond one more time, we might scream. Goodbye under-the-bed plastic storage containers, hello apartment hall closet.

2. Can we even stay up that late anymore? Sure, the social aspects of college were a blast. But now that we have a bed to come home to that isn't a twin XL, wine in the fridge, and cable television, staying in seems so much more appealing, amiright?

3. Free weekends! Of course, some college students didn't do all that much homework on the weekends. However, the rest of us nerds spent all day Saturday and Sunday working on our theses, preparing for midterms, or going through flashcards for those pesky Monday Spanish quizzes. It's so nice not having homework in the real world. We can actually sleep in and maybe even explore the city on a Saturday morning!

4. You're making money now. While you used to be motivated by getting good grades (don't even pretend that wasn't your academic motivating factor), your first steps into the working world have taught you the excitement of earning money for yourself. You may have wanted to go back to school in June, but now you just want to keep progressing in the work force. We're dreaming big, people!

5. The world is your oyster. We now have a chance to take those valuable lessons we learned in the classroom and apply them to life outside of the particular niches we've grown accustomed to. It might be great to go back for that master's degree one day, but for now we're satisfied learning everything we possibly can from the school of life.

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