Police release shocking video of woman allegedly teaching girl how to shoplift

Police Release Shocking Video Of Woman Allegedly Teaching Girl How To Shoplift

Listen to your elders. Just maybe not in Florida.

The Broward Sheriff's Office posted surveillance footage from a liquor store on its Facebook page Friday that appears to show a grown woman coach a young girl into shoplifting a bottle of liquor.

The woman motions to rows of liquor bottles before crouching down and apparently signaling her drink of choice to the girl.
The girl attempts to lift a large bottle of 1800 Silver Tequila but finds it a little too much to schlep.

She settles for a smaller size and makes her way to the front of the store where the woman blocks the clerk's view.

Sidestepping her way out, the young girl suspiciously pauses as customers enter the foyer before racing to a white Chevrolet sedan.

Police are currently searching for the woman and her young apprentice.

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