Tired of swiping on Tinder? This robot does it for you

Tinder Swipes Left on Vanity Fair's Negative Article

Does your thumb hurt from too much Tinder swiping? Let this robot do the job.

Saurabh Datta, a graduate of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, has created "Conditional Lover", a bot that browses through the million tinder profiles out there and swipes left or right depending on the attractiveness of the photo.

As Datta describes on the project's website:
The bot analyses the pictures on the profile from the phones screen with a camera, just like a human being with his eyes and then selects or rejects with the two prongs like the humans do it with their fingers. You select your preferences like age, golden ratio, smile, glasses, ethnicity etc. It takes those as conditions set by you and performs actions based on the extracted information from the images of girls. It is intentionally enabled not to learn but just to act.

You can watch this Tinder Bot in action here:

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