Train stations in Japan get cameras that can detect drunkenness

Train Stations In Japan Get Cameras That Can Detect Drunkenness

Technology could help to save lives at Japanese train stations.

According to reports, West Japan Railway has installed security cameras at one station that can detect common patterns of drunkenness.

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Among the behaviors they have been programmed to identify are unstable walking and long periods of motionlessness, such as from those who have passed out.

Once this activity has been detected, an attendant is notified to review the footage and can deploy onsite staff to intervene as needed.

"Fall-from-platform prevention campaign" is the translated name of the plan which aims to prevent accidents caused when inebriated customers put themselves in the paths of trains.

Based on statistics from 2013, 221 incidents were documented in Japan of trains colliding with people when they either fell onto the tracks or stood too far over on the platform.

More than half, or 60 percent, were thought to be drunk at the time.

Although the cameras have only been installed at one station in Osaka thus far, the company plans to implement them on a wider basis.

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