This software tells you how bad your photos are

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Millions of photographs are uploaded online every hour and, let's face it, most of them are not that good.

But don't despair if you feel like you can't take the load of visual tortures that flood every social media channel. Penn State researchers might have a solution.

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The researchers have developed an algorithm that analyzes the arrangement of visual elements—the composition—of digital photographs. It also offers feedback about the perceived composition of the photograph and provides examples of similarly composed pictures of high aesthetic value.

While machines can compute extremely elaborate analysis within the quantitative field (such as categorizing photos according the their content), one of the biggest challenges for scientists has always been developing an algorithm that can discern good from bad in a photograph.

According to the researchers, when you analyze an image there are many factors involved in defining its quality, but you can boil it down to simpler elements that are part of the composition.

The software therefore looks at the way things arrange in the frame and "rates" the image depending on the quality of composition.

It might not be the end of bad photos, especially since composition is not the only thing that defines quality, but it's definitely a big step towards major innovation in the photographic field.

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