Man grows an ear on his arm to connect to the Internet

Bionic Ear With Superhuman Hearing Ability Created

Bionic ears are just around the corner, but this guy wanted to speed things up and grew an ear of his own, in his arm.

Australian professor and artist Sterlac has been working 9 years on his project to grow a third ear on his forearm in an attempt to make a statement on the connection between human and cyborg.

As he pointed out to CNN:

"As a performance artist I am particularly interested in that idea of the post-human, that idea of the cyborg. What it means to be human will not be determined any longer merely by your biological structure but perhaps also determined largely by all of the technology that's plugged or inserted into you."

According to the professor, the ultimate goal is to install a microphone in the ear that connects wirelessly and allows remote hearing for other people.

Here is a video of the artist explaining his creation:

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