These are the best websites for booking last-minute travel deals

Best Websites for Booking Last Minute Getaways
Best Websites for Booking Last Minute Getaways

While we typically book ahead of time and get everything out of the way long before it's time to venture on our trip, there are occasions where we need to book a trip last minute.

Either you decided spur of the moment we wanted to head out on a great adventure or lost track of time and ended up waiting until the week before you wanted to take a trip. Whatever the case may be, last-minute travel can and does happen.

So when the time actually arrives -- where do you turn? We've got a few great websites that practically specialize in last-minute travel deals just for you. Check them out below and take your pick!

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1) Hopper

A website and app that gives users fair predictions so you know when to buy.

2) Airfare Watchdog

Arguably it's most useful tip is being able to tap into promo codes. Those who run the site keep in mind the promotional fares of specific carriers so they can pass them on to users.

3) Which Budget

Includes airlines of all sizes so your searches aren't limited to big, global carriers. This saves you cash, especially on international flights.

4) Yapta

It's most stand-out feature is a tool that helps you get a refund if you've already purchased airfare that has dropped in price.


Covers every aspect of last-minute travel you can think of, from flights to vacation packages to cruises.

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