Photographer captures stunning shot of rainbow and lightning

Photographer Captures Stunning Shot of Rainbow and Lightening

MARANA, Ariz. (FOX 5) -– A striking image of a bolt of lightning that appeared to strike over a rainbow in Arizona has gone viral after the Tucson-based photographer who took the picture recently shared it on Facebook.

Greg McCown was driving on the 10 Freeway with two other photographers when the trio encountered a sudden microburst, he wrote in a Facebook post Aug. 8. Traffic slowed to a crawl, with some cars pulling over and stopping completely.

Finally! After years of trying I finally got my lightning and rainbow picture. What an awesome evening. I headed out...

Posted by Greg McCown on Saturday, August 8, 2015

A short time later, after parting ways with the other two, McCown decided to head southeast toward a rainbow and stopped to take photographs. He stated in the post that he had been trying to get a photo of lightning and a rainbow together in a single image for years.

"I was just trying to find a foreground without telephone poles or other junk in the way," he wrote. "Found it just in time as this was the last bolt to strike before the storm dissipated into nothing."

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