Hero scores free pizza until 2016 by threatening his cell-phone provider


Here's a tail of telecom-consumer victory for the ages, because it somehow ended with tons of free pizza instead of gouged-out eyes: Last week, savvy business developer Dan May did as his wireless carrier O2 had been suggesting on Twitter all day, and tweeted his location for a free pizza. The big promo was a mess of freebies — ice cream and movie tickets, too — but May's pie never arrived, so he publicly threatened to bolt for rival Three (whose handle he included in the tweet, naturally):

In a world where threats of terminating service can result in 18-minute Kafkaesque phone struggles, May's brilliant move of playing competitors off of each other was a rousing success when Three tried poaching him by shipping over both pizza and ice cream:

With everything happening so fast, O2 did the unthinkable:

The company followed up, as promised, and laid out a deal that works out to delivering Domino's once a week until 2016. Based on tweets May keeps getting, this precedent has other brands worried:


Click through to see photos of the nation's different pizza styles:

America's pizza styles
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Hero scores free pizza until 2016 by threatening his cell-phone provider


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California Style

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Chicago Deep Dish

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Detroit Style

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New England Greek

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Colorado Style

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Tomato Pie

(Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)


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