Lost cat miraculously survives forest fire, reunites with family

Lost Cat Miraculously Survives Forest Fire, Reunites with Family

We all know cats love to snuggle up to a warm fire, but a 24,000 acre forest fire?

The US Forest Service says Debi and Jeff Brusatori were one of many Northern California families who were forced out of their homes due to the Fork Complex fire, which has so far burned more than 24,000 acres in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

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The Brusatoris say they loaded up the car to evacuate and were driving away when their beloved kitty cat Ruthie Rosemary jumped out of the car. The family couldn't turn back because of the encroaching fire and Ruthie sadly had to be left behind. But five days later when the family returned to see what was left of their home — they found their house had been reduced to ashes, and their cars burned out — but unbelievably, underneath one of the cars they found one of their most precious belongings had survived the fire intact: Ruthie!

Aside from some singed whiskers and eyebrows, the cat somehow survived the fire which burned so hot, even the aluminum parts of the cars had melted. Ruthie was welcomed back to the family with grateful kisses and snuggles and can resume her running off and hiding ways. Lets just hope she sticks to safer places to hide ... like the laundry basket.

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