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Leaked 2015-16 NBA Schedule

Kevin Durant Says Foot Is Ready to Go

We are just hours away from finding out what the official 2015-16 NBA schedule is going to look like, but already we're getting teases at what games will be played when. The schedule doesn't officially drop until 6pm ET on Wednesday, but over the course of the last week there have been a handful of games leaked early by various beat writers for various teams.

For instance, we basically know what the Christmas Day games are going to be, but we still don't know who the Grizzlies will be playing on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We have an idea of who will open the season against one another but we don't know which games will be the marquee tip off matchups that the national television networks stand behind.

There's still a lot of drama surrounding the season and what the schedule will look like but we've been given an appetizer in the form of some leaked games that will tide us over until the official schedule is released and the games are confirmed.

The games listed have to be taken with a grain of salt, as the league hasn't confirmed a majority of them and won't until the schedule drops. But there's a close to 1000 percent chance these games will happen on the dates listed, and we can't wait for any and all of them to get here.


OCTOBER 27: Pelicans vs. Warriors (The Advocate)

OCTOBER 27: Cavaliers vs. Bulls (Chicago Tribune)

OCTOBER 28: Cavaliers at Grizzlies (Chris Vernon)

OCTOBER 28: Spurs vs. Thunder (The Oklahoman)

OCTOBER 28: Timberwolves vs. Lakers (Los Angeles Times)

OCTOBER 28: Knicks vs. Bucks (New York Post)

OCTOBER 28: Hornets vs. Heat (Sun-Sentinel)

OCTOBER 28: Pelicans vs. Trail Blazers (The Advocate)

OCTOBER 29: Hawks vs. Knicks (New York Post)

OCTOBER 30: Heat vs. Cavaliers (Sun-Sentinel)

OCTOBER 31: Warriors vs. Pelicans (The Advocate)


NOVEMBER 1: Nuggets at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

NOVEMBER 4: Raptors at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

NOVEMBER 8: Suns at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

NOVEMBER 11: Clippers vs. Mavericks (ESPN)

NOVEMBER 13: 76ers at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

NOVEMBER 18: Pelicans at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

NOVEMBER 20: Knicks at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

NOVEMBER 22: Mavericks at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

NOVEMBER 25: Nets at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

NOVEMBER 27: Heat vs. Knicks (Sun-Sentinel)

NOVEMBER 27: Pistons at Thunder (The Oklahoman)


DECEMBER 5: Cavaliers vs. Heat (Miami Herald)

DECEMBER 6: Kings at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

DECEMBER 10: Mavericks at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

DECEMBER 13: Jazz at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

DECEMBER 16: Trail Blazers at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

DECEMBER 19: Lakers at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

DECEMBER 23: Spurs vs. Timberwolves (San Antonio Express-News)

CHRISTMAS DAY: Spurs vs. Rockets (San Antonio Express-News)

CHRISTMAS DAY: Warriors vs. Cavaliers (ESPN)

CHRISTMAS DAY: Pelicans vs. Heat (Miami Herald)

CHRISTMAS DAY: Clippers vs. Lakers (L.A. Times)

CHRISTMAS DAY: Bulls at Thunder (Chicago Tribune)

DECEMBER 26: Bulls vs. Mavericks (Chicago Tribune)

DECEMBER 26: TBA vs. Spurs (San Antonio Express-News)

DECEMBER 27: Nuggets at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

DECEMBER 29: Bucks at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

DECEMBER 31: Suns at Thunder (The Oklahoman)


JANUARY 1: 76ers vs. Lakers (Los Angeles Times)

JANUARY 4: Kings at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

JANUARY 6: Grizzlies at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

JANUARY 13: Hawks at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

JANUARY 15: Timberwolves at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

JANUARY 17: Heat at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

JANUARY 20: Hornets at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

JANUARY 29: Rockets at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

JANUARY 31: Wizards at Thunder (The Oklahoman)


FEBRUARY 3: Magic at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

FEBRUARY 7: Clippers vs. Heat (Miami Herald)

FEBRUARY 11: Pelicans at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

FEBRUARY 19: Pacers at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

FEBRUARY 21: Cavaliers at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

FEBRUARY 27: Warriors vs. Thunder (The Oklahoman)

MARCH 2016

MARCH 9: Clippers at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

MARCH 11: Timberwolves at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

MARCH 14: Trail Blazers at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

MARCH 19: Cavaliers at Heat (Miami Herald)

MARCH 22: Rockets at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

MARCH 24: Jazz at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

MARCH 26: Spurs at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

MARCH 31: Clippers at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

APRIL 2016

APRIL 11: Lakers at Thunder (The Oklahoman)

The complete and official 2015-16 NBA schedule will be released on NBATV at 6pm ET.

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