August 12 marks National Middle Child Day aka the best day of the year

The Symptoms of Being a Middle Child

Being the baby of the family doesn't come without its perks. You're the star of the household. Your parents treat you like the little prince or princess you know you are while your older sibling seethes with jealousy. You're pretty much living the fab life.

...Until that fateful day when your parents come home with your new younger sibling. Suddenly, you're bumped to middle child status. Goodbye attention and adoration, hello hand-me-downs and weekends spent babysitting.

Don't worry though. Once a year middle children are provided the attention they rightfully deserve as August 12 marks National Middle Child Day. According to the "Middle Child Syndrome," the first-born child is often considered the leader while the youngest is the baby. The middle child is left without a defining characteristic, which can make us feel unloved. That's why the entire country piles on the love for middle children on what could easily be argued to be the greatest day of the whole year.

Besides, being a middle child isn't all that bad. With less attention comes less trouble in our teen years. We watched our older siblings go about breaking the rules all wrong. The leaders of the pack didn't have anyone to set the example for them, so they dove into delicate matters such as sneaking out of the house or lying about picking up the dog's droppings all wrong. By watching our older siblings mess up, we figure out how to achieve the freedoms we crave in a stealthy and seemingly innocent manner.

Furthermore, we're never expected to do anything wrong. As the middle child is typically regarded as harmless and sometimes even goody-two-shoes-esque, our parents don't think twice about giving us permission to do pretty much whatever we want. While they keep a tighter leash on the older and younger siblings, they tend let the middle child roam a bit more freely.

Plus, our parents are eternally guilty for putting us in the position of being the middle child. Thus, they attempt to make up for our unfortunate birth order by being extra generous with us. While the older sibling had to wait until she was 13 to get her ears pierced, the middle child finds herself in the glorified Claire's chair at the raw age of 10. The older sibling is only gifted new clothes on holidays while the middle child is often given a "just because" pair of cute new skinny jeans.

Besides, who really wants to be the baby of the family? Being the youngest means you're stuck with not two, but at least four parental figures. Talk about a tough crowd. The youngest sibling is forever deemed the "baby," even at the ripest of ages.

Therefore, we middle children celebrate not only on August 12, but everyday for our fortunate birth order. We own our middle child status and we wouldn't want it any other way. Here's to all the fabulous, hilarious, brilliant, and all around awesome middle children out there! Happy National Middle Child's good to be us.

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