Unexpected on-air kiss causes controversy

Caught Live on Camera: Kiss Causes Controversy

You might expect people at an outdoor music festival to feel wild and free -- but one festivalgoer is regretting his impulsive actions.

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Reporter gets unwelcome on-air smooch
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Unexpected on-air kiss causes controversy

"In the event that the weather is so severe that it's a risk to safety, though ..." Megan Batchelor reported for Canadian CBC News before her report was interrupted by a stranger kissing her on the cheek.

That's right, a stranger kissed a CBC reporter on the cheek during her live shot at a British Columbia music festival.

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Reporter Megan Batchelor didn't take it lightly. In fact, she filed a police report.

According to CBC News, the 17-year-old responsible for the unwanted kiss reached out to the reporter Monday via Twitter. He wrote, "At the moment I thought it was kind of a joke, then I stepped in your shoes, that's when I realized that it all was not a joke at all."

The Globe and Mail reports that Batchelor is satisfied with the apology and will let police determine how to proceed with the charges.

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