Robotic bartenders are coming sooner than you think

Robotic Bartenders Prepare Cruise Ship Passengers' Drinks

Robotic bartenders have been used in a variety of "controlled" environments, but the latest breakthrough comes now that scientists are experimenting with unpredictably variable scenarios.

A team from MIT has been working on having robots function in situations that are not isolated from the human factor (just like it would happen in a bar full of people). They managed to team up a couple of cocktail-making robots with other two smaller units that work as waiters.

Here is a video showing you the process:

See photos of a robot hitchhiking around the country:
Hitchhiking robot
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Robotic bartenders are coming sooner than you think
Robot 'hitchBOT' is seen inside a car in Munich, southern Germany, on February 13, 2015. HitchBOT, a charming robot assembled using household parts who was hitchhiking more than 6,000 kilometers across Canada in summer 2014 as part of a social experiment, started his tour across Germany, where he is aimed to visit among others Neuschwanstein Castle in the South, the carnival in Cologne (West), the North Sea island of Sylt, the eastern city of Goerlitz near the Polish border and the German capital Berlin. AFP PHOTO / DPA / SVEN HOPPE +++ GERMANY OUT (Photo credit should read SVEN HOPPE/AFP/Getty Images)

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