Lawyer calls police account of Zachary Hammond's killing 'ridiculous'

Why Was Zachary Hammond Shot by Police?

A lawyer for an unarmed teenager killed by police in South Carolina last monthlashed out at authorities Sunday, calling the official description of the shooting death of 19-year-old Zachary Hammond "ridiculous" and "offensive."

In a statement, Hammond family lawyer Eric Bland said that when Seneca Police Lt. Mark Tiller opened fire in a Hardee's restaurant parking lot on July 26, the teen posed no risk to the public — "other than a possible minor possession of marijuana."

"There was no warrant for his arrest," Bland said. "There was no APB for him or his car. There was no murder or [life] that was in danger if shots were not fired and the automobile continued on to leave Hardees. There was no AMBER alert. There was no ticking bomb situation. This is clearly made up. It is ridiculous."

Seneca Police have said that Hammond was attempting to run Tiller over when the officer shot him twice.

The statement comes after a week of developments in the case. On Friday, after nearly two weeks of refusing to identify the lieutenant and calling him an attempted murder victim, Seneca Police Chief John Covington released Tiller's name.

On Wednesday, prosecutor Chrissy Adams said that "it is my understanding" the results of two autopsies conducted on Hammond's body — one official, the other independent — "are consistent with one another."

The independent autopsy found that Hammond was shot from the side, a finding at odds with the description of the killing initially provided by authorities. According to NBC affiliate WYFF, the county coroner said that Hammond was driving toward Tiller when the officer fired.

"As we have said consistently from the start, the entry wounds of the two bullet holes are the best and most accurate piece of evidence of the location of Lt. Tiller when he discharged his weapon and whether he or anyone else was under threat," Bland said.

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Zachary Hammond's death reactions on Twitter
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Lawyer calls police account of Zachary Hammond's killing 'ridiculous'
#ZacharyHammond isn't going to get the outrage he deserves because it would force folks to admit their consistent defense of police is wrong
Where are all the #AllLivesMatter people when it comes to #ZacharyHammond? All y'all looking funny in the light.
ANOTHER TEENAGE BABY KILLED BY POLICE shot in the back, barely 19. this is madness :( #RIP #ZacharyHammond
He won't be labeled a thug but that doesn't mean police aren't grossly out of line. Stop killing us. #ZacharyHammond
Seneca, SC Cop Fatally Shot Teen, #ZacharyHammond, In Back, Not In Self-Defense, Family Says
The truth is, many white people would rather be silent for #ZacharyHammond than speak up for black people.
stand up for #ZacharyHammond not in spite of those #AllLivesMatter folks but because a 19 yo kid was murdered by cops for 3.5 grams of weed
If all lives mattered, why are most of the folks on the #ZacharyHammond hashtag from #BlackLivesMatter? Peace to him and his family.
Stop the extrajudicial police killings! All races are involved! #AllLivesMatter right? #ZacharyHammond
If you post #AllLivesMatter in your TL, then you better talk about #ZacharyHammond. A unarmed white kid shot in the back by police.
#AllLivesMatter is not meant to be inclusive it's meant to silence you. This is why the ALM idiots are ignoring this kid. #ZacharyHammond
I think the deafening silence from the #AllLivesMatter tweeters on #ZacharyHammond exposes what it's always been about; racism & hypocrisy.
funny how when we say #BlackLivesMatter, white people say "that's racist, all lives matter!" but y'all quiet for #ZacharyHammond now..
the same people who were shouting #AllLivesMatter are silent now that #ZacharyHammond, a white teen, was shot and killed by the police.
#ZacharyHammond name is getting plastered all over Twitter because #BlackLivesMatter have no problem making sure justice is for EVERYONE.
If you search the hashtag, you'll see that the vast majority of people speaking out for #ZacharyHammond right now are black.
State: *is worried about your safety because you bought $50 worth of marijuana* Also State: *kills you to keep you safe* #ZacharyHammond

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