18 times we forgot Kylie Jenner was turning 18 this year

Kylie Jenner Getting Paid To Party On Her 18th Birthday

Today is Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday!

Yes, you heard that correctly. Today, she's celebrating her 18th birthday. Not many people can remember what they were doing before they turned 18, but it probably wasn't professionally modeling, launching multiple clothing lines, starring in a reality TV show, or living in a $2.7 million mansion. Yes, Jenner has tallied quite the resume of accomplishments and she's only just begun.

Jenner has earned successes far beyond other teens her age. Of course, the odds are on her side. She was born into the Kardashian/Jenner empire, so naturally she has it all -- the beauty, the brains, and the resources to get things done.

Speaking of beauty ... how can a human being possibly look this adult at the ripe age of only 18? Good question. We don't have the answers, but surely we can analyze the evidence by taking a look through Jenner's Instagram.

1. This is definitely not the body of your average teenage girl.

Kourt & Ky swim session

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2. What 18-year-old can afford a Louis Vuitton bag and Gianvito Rossi heels?

@kendallandkylie dress coming very soon, vintage LV purse, and gianvito rossi heels

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3. Those lips. That booty. Those products. Can't be an 18-year-old's.

4. Were you high fashion when you were 18 years old? Nope.

5. Again, how is she only 17 years old in this photo?

Looking over at little Kylie like..

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6. Oh.


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7. How does a teenager even get their hair to do that? *Taking notes*


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8. Mom and teenage daughter. Can you spot the difference though? Didn't think so.

Mother dearest

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9. Ok, no teenage girl can possibly look this flawless in a bikini, 365 days a year.

Miami. Bout a week ago

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10. Come on! You're just making the rest of us look bad, Kylie.

I'm just gonna do whatever makes me happy in life 😎

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11. IDK how many teenage models could pull off THIS look.

Secret projects @sir_neave

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12. Definitely not under 18 years old. Not possible.

behind the scenes.

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13. An actual teenager could pick out a dress yesterday. This one could not.

couldn't choose a dress yesterday

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14. How many 18-year-olds do you know who have walked a red carpet in a gown? Same.

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15. Ok, are you even real, Kylie?

@joycebonelli Secret Projects 🎉

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16. Where does a teenager even find a dress like THAT?

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17. No possible way that is the hair of an 18-year-old. Wow.

Kylie Hair Kouture coming soon...sooo excited follow @bellamihair for more details!

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18. This is how stunning she looked ... 9 months ago ... when she was only 17 years old.

promise to love you & obey & let you..

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We rest our case. Happy birthday, Kylie Jenner.

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