Wisconsin man runs errand, wins the lottery

Wisconsin Man Runs Errand, Wins The Lottery

Running errands are a drag — especially when they aren't even your errands. But one Wisconsin man's trip to the convenience store for his wife ended up changing their life.

John Rumpel bought a lottery ticket while he was out getting a gallon of milk at the request of his wife. Not only did that ticket turn out to be a winner, but Rumpel became the largest Megabucks jackpot winner in the games history — to the tune of $22.2 million.

"It wasn't until after the drawing that I flipped on the news and saw that the winning ticket was sold in Milwaukee and I looked up and saw the convenience store on there and I went, 'Oh man, that might be me.'"

And it was.

Rumpel took the cash option so he'll take home $15.7 million.
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