Jerry Garcia lives on: A look at the Grateful Dead leader's legacy 20 years later

Jerry Garcia 20 Years Later
Jerry Garcia 20 Years Later

It's the 20 year anniversary of Jerry Garcia's death. Since suffering a heart attack in 95' the Grateful Dead's lead guitarist managed to stay relevant in pop culture even today.

Tributes to the psychedelic rock icon can be found all over, this one sits at a historical corner of in San Francisco where the band lived in the 1960s. Beyond that he's on shirts, dolls, and artwork of all kinds.

In the hit TV show Roseanne, Jerry Garcia Conner was Dan and Roseanne's youngest son- named in tribute to the late musician.

And you're all familiar with Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor Cherry Garcia -- an edible tribute to the guitarist. It's the first ice cream named for a rock legend and the most famous of fan-suggested flavors.

The San Francisco Giants host a tribute night for the San Francisco native each year. Bobbleheads handed out in year's past are now being sold on ebay as a collector's items.

This year The Jerry Garcia Foundation, was established. The nonprofit serves to support meaningful causes through art and music.

So this Sunday pour a little out for the big guy...20 years later... the spirit of Jerry Garcia is very much alive and rockin'.

Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead through the years: