People are actually trying to look like hot messes with the 'hangover beauty' trend

How to Not Look Like a Hot Mess When You're Hungover

Apparently we no longer have to go out on a Friday night to be cool. We just have to LOOK like we went out Friday night! Wait, what? While we typically want to use the video above's directions to hide our hangovers, some cultures are digging the hangover look.

It seems "hangover beauty" is now a thing. Looking like a hot mess is actually hot! Women work the trend by using their makeup to give off the illusion that they have puffy red-rimmed eyes and pale skin. Rough night, amiright?

The latest Korean trend is aegyo sal. It refers to the bags under our eyes that pop up when we smile or squint our eyes. Unlike women in the United States who go to great lengths to banish these bags, Korean woman believe the puffy eye bags make them look younger and more fun.

These women are using two-toned pens to create shadows and highlights on the bags. The result is actually surprisingly cute despite our bizarre description of it.

Japan is also working the hangover beauty with byojaku face. It's designed to make women look vulnerable and somewhat anemic. It's all about the pale face, so fair-skinned women get a leg up with this one. Women are accentuating the look with red or pink blush under their eyes.

Now that you've gotten the scoop, are these beauty trends cuter than you expected? Let us know in the comments!

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