Inspirational photos feature the 'super powers' of disabled children

These Little Super Heroes Will Put A Smile On Your Face
These Little Super Heroes Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman better make room. There are new superheroes in town.

Meet Evie, the super girl behind the new 'Super Power Baby Project'. Evie suffered from a rare chromosomal condition that claimed her life when she was just 2 ½ years old.

Evie's parents, Sam and Rachel always referred to symptoms of the daughter's condition as superpowers.

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They tell HuffPost, "She would cry when she went through electric sliding doors or when we drove on roads where there were large electrical pylons. It was as if she had an electromagnetic sensitivity that was unique to her."

Pictures from the 'Super Power baby Project:

Evie's superpowers prompted her parents to create the book the 'Super Power Baby Project'. A collection of photos of amazing children who suffer from different chromosomal conditions but all possess their own special powers. Powers like "incredible empathy, unconditional love, perseverance, kindness, joy, magnetism".

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The photos were shot all throughout New Zealand and while the book serves as a tribute to Evie, it also serves as inspiration to all of us.

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