Racist woman orders Hispanic woman to speak English while in line at IHOP

Racist Lady Orders Hispanic Woman to Speak English

When Norma Vasquez spoke Spanish at a Southern California IHOP, a racist woman went on a rant (video above), telling Vasquez, "we speak English in America."

Carlos, Vasquez's son, told the unidentified racist woman that she could not speak to his mother so rudely. That's when the woman launched her three-minute rant. First, the woman compared Spanish speakers to Nazis. She said:

"We want English, we don't want the Nazis back."

Carlos, extremely confused by the woman's comparison of his mother to the Nazi party, asked "who's talking about Nazis?" In fact, Carlos even turned the tables and compared the woman to a Nazi, explaining that she's telling his mother what to do and disregarding her freedom. At this point, Vasquez was so upset by the woman's disrespect that she began to cry as she yelled at the ignorant woman and exclaimed, "I speak English too." She then called the woman "stupid."

The woman continued her completely random list of accusations, such as her assumption that Carlos has never been to Spain. She said:

"I don't want Spanish, I've been to Spain. I bet you haven't been to Spain and I have."

Carlos told the woman that he has indeed been to Spain. Furthermore, he explained that not all Spanish speakers come from Spain. He told the woman that his mother, originally from El Salvador, is "not even from Spain by the way. Don't be racist like that." He told the woman that it's racist to assume that a person is from Spain just because she speaks Spanish.

At the end of the exchange, the boy told the woman that if she doesn't become a kinder person, she'll likely die soon. Karma has a way of catching up to people. He said:

"You have to change your heart or you're going to die really soon."

Carlos explained to NBC 4 that his mother was so distraught over the entire situation that she cried for a while. He said:

"Inside, I wasn't upset. I got more upset when my mom started to cry. It wasn't fair for my mom to cry to a stranger just because my mom was speaking Spanish."

At the end of the woman's rant, Carlos said that people like her and situations like this are why he's "voting no to Donald Trump."

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