Here is why you need an electric skateboard

The Electric Skateboard Showdown

The Lexus Hoverboard is really cool but there is now way you can get your hands on it and ride it away from its dedicated hoverpark, so here is why, in the meanwhile you should just opt for an electric skateboard.

1) You are too lazy to push every few seconds

These devices might be expensive, but you won't need to sweat for pushing your own weight around the city. Let the battery do the job. They come with a remote control that you hold in your hand and lets you decide how fast you want to go.

2) You don't wanna carry around your bike

Skateboards are way easier to manage than a bicycle, which you have to park somewhere hoping to find it when you are back.

3) You want to show off

Admit it. These things are pretty cool and you are going to get a lot of interested looks when you effortlessly ride around the streets.

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