Amazing father gets cochlear implant tattoo to match his 6-year-old daughter

Dad Gets Matching Tattoo of Daughter's Cochlear Implant

When 6-year-old Charlotte from New Zealand had a cochlear implant put in after being diagnosed as profoundly deaf in her left ear, her father sought to make sure his little girl didn't feel like the odd one out.

The father, Alistair Campbell, shaved all of his hair off and had an implant tattooed onto his bald head. Now, the father and daughter can walk around showing off their matching cochlear implants.

When Campbell got the tattoo, Charlotte giggled, touched it and called it "cool." The sweet little girl also has a condition in her right ear that means she can't properly transmit sound waves. Charlotte's mother, Anita Campbell, also has a cochlear implant.

The little girl's devoted father said that he will grow his hair back but that Charlotte will always know that he has the tattoo. He also promised that he will shave his head "for special occasions" or if Charlotte ever asks to see it.

We think Alistair Campbell just won the world's coolest dad award. You go, Mr. Campbell!

Watch this video to learn more about cochlear implants:

Receiving a Cochlear Implant

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