Professional 'old-time strongman' can actually bend steel with his bare hands

Steel-Bending Strongman Shows Off Strength With Cards, A Nail & Horseshoe

Walking down the street, you wouldn't give Chris Schoeck much thought -- but in an audience, you'd likely have a wholly different reaction.

The 43-year-old, who suffers from social awkwardness and 'overwhelming fear of failure,' may have an unassuming presence -- but he's completed countless incredible feats onstage, as a professional strongman-in-training.

Schoeck recently stopped by HuffPost Live to demonstrate his mind-boggling ability and stunned by ripping a pack of cards, bending roofing nails and straightening a horseshoe. Watch his incredible performance in the video above.

The strongman is the subject of a new documentary film, "Bending Steel," which follows his path to becoming a professional strongman as he trains for the big stage at Coney Island, from his early days in a small basement storage unit to his first big-time performance.

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"Bending Steel"
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Professional 'old-time strongman' can actually bend steel with his bare hands
Photo: Dave Carroll
Photo: Ryan Scafuro
Photo: Dave Carroll
Photo: Dave Carroll

Although his superhuman strength is remarkable, filmmaker David Carroll was drawn to his story.

"When I stumbled upon Chris, he was at a breaking point and realized that somewhere along the way he had taken a wrong turn," Carroll wrote. "He was not where he wanted to be and wasn't growing as a person."

Schoeck may show mind-boggling strength when he performs, but behind the curtain, he must confront his own social anxiety, unsupportive family and other insecurities to find success in the lost art.

"We understood the history and tradition, but the will to endure pain and hardship in order to overcome the molecular composition of steel was unimaginable ... It wasn't just the steel that they were reshaping, it was themselves," Carroll continued.

"Bending Steel is now available on iTunes. Learn more at

Check out an exclusive clip from the film below.
Exclusive Clip: Chris Attempts to Bend a Coin in 'Bending Steel'

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