Here's what to do if you break your phone's screen

What To Do If You Break Your Phone

There is no doubt that the million ways in which people are destroying their phones made you cringe in that video.

If you relate to the struggle of a cracked screen, the options are not much fun, but here is what you can do:

- Sell your phone for parts
If the device is way too destroyed to be fixes, you can still get a little money out of it if you sell it for parts. You can do that on any e-commerce website like Amazon or eBay, or go to dedicated sites like Gizmogul.

- Try fixing it yourself
You can buy a screen repair kit on Amazon and replace the broken one yourself. But be advised it's no job for you if you have technophobia. Good luck!

- Recover the SIM card and swap device
If your phone works with a SIM card at least try to save that and transplant it to your new phone.

- Buy a new phone
Duh ... Although it's probably the least favorite option, it's always the last resort.

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