White teen killed by cop gets minimal reaction from #AllLivesMatter movement

Police Shoot, Kill White SC Teen. Where's the Outrage?

On July 26, Zachary Hammond -- a 19-year-old boy who lived in Seneca, South Carolina -- sat in his parked car in a Hardee's parking lot with a woman who was there to sell a bag of marijuana. Little did they know that the marijuana buyer was actually an undercover police officer.

Shortly after the officer arrived, Hammond was reportedly shot and killed by another police officer.

Police report that the officer who shot Zachary was a man in uniform who was at the scene to support the undercover cop. He approached Hammond's vehicle, but there is disagreement and controversy surrounding what happened next.

John Covington, a Seneca Police Chief, said that the officer shot through Hammond's car window out of fear for his life when Zachary Hammond allegedly headed towards the officer with his car. Covington also claims that the bullets hit Hammond's upper torso. On the other hand, the Hammond family's lawyer, Eric Bland, says that the officer shot Hammond twice from behind. He also says that an autopsy supports this claim.

Karl Addis, an Oconee County coroner, should clearly know what happened, but he hasn't come out with a public statement that mentions the direction that the bullets came from.

No matter which direction the bullets were fired from, police say that the gun was fired from near point-blank range through the open window on the driver's side.

Due to the uncertainty and lack of clarity surrounding the situation, Hammond's family is left in a cloud of confusion with a slew of unanswered questions.

These foggy situations aren't new to media. We've seen this before -- and quite recently -- with police shootings in the past year, but this time, the case brings something different: Hammond was white and so was the unidentified officer who shot and killed him.

While the media has succinctly focused on police killings of black Americans, many argue that Hammond's race is the main reason why this story hasn't garnered as much publicity and attention in the media.

There hasn't been a prominent public outcry like there has been with other police shootings in the past year, and many people are saying that his race is factored into the response (or lack thereof) surrounding his death.

The #AllLivesMatter movement has barely spoken about Zachary's death, nearly ignoring the fact that it happened. On the other hand, the Black Lives Matter movement has taken a clear stand, speaking up about the death of the 19-year-old and implementing their broader belief that every life matters.

In lieu of the lack of media coverage on this story, Twitter has been taking the most active role in making sure Zachary Hammond's name and story are heard.

Update: On Wednesday, August 5, the Hammond family released the results from the private autopsy which revealed that both bullets entered Hammond's body from the back. The autopsy shows that the second bullet proved to be fatal, entering from the back of Hammond's left side and passing through his chest, eventually piercing his heart and lungs. Coroner Karl E. Addis also added that they don't know how Hammond's body was positioned at the time that he was shot. The Seneca police refuse to identify the officer who was involved in the Zachary Hammond case, but they stated that he has been placed on administrative leave.

See the gallery below for a collection of some of the tweets about Zachary Hammond's death:

Zachary Hammond's death reactions on Twitter
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White teen killed by cop gets minimal reaction from #AllLivesMatter movement
#ZacharyHammond isn't going to get the outrage he deserves because it would force folks to admit their consistent defense of police is wrong
Where are all the #AllLivesMatter people when it comes to #ZacharyHammond? All y'all looking funny in the light. http://t.co/VeCbLAliG2
ANOTHER TEENAGE BABY KILLED BY POLICE shot in the back, barely 19. this is madness :( #RIP #ZacharyHammond http://t.co/fVexeUXaO1
He won't be labeled a thug but that doesn't mean police aren't grossly out of line. Stop killing us. #ZacharyHammond http://t.co/hsATc0PwOh
Seneca, SC Cop Fatally Shot Teen, #ZacharyHammond, In Back, Not In Self-Defense, Family Says http://t.co/TgDgT36lI0?
The truth is, many white people would rather be silent for #ZacharyHammond than speak up for black people. http://t.co/75oooeu3rW
stand up for #ZacharyHammond not in spite of those #AllLivesMatter folks but because a 19 yo kid was murdered by cops for 3.5 grams of weed
If all lives mattered, why are most of the folks on the #ZacharyHammond hashtag from #BlackLivesMatter? Peace to him and his family.
Stop the extrajudicial police killings! All races are involved! #AllLivesMatter right? #ZacharyHammond http://t.co/ghByw4hpoK
If you post #AllLivesMatter in your TL, then you better talk about #ZacharyHammond. A unarmed white kid shot in the back by police.
#AllLivesMatter is not meant to be inclusive it's meant to silence you. This is why the ALM idiots are ignoring this kid. #ZacharyHammond
I think the deafening silence from the #AllLivesMatter tweeters on #ZacharyHammond exposes what it's always been about; racism & hypocrisy.
funny how when we say #BlackLivesMatter, white people say "that's racist, all lives matter!" but y'all quiet for #ZacharyHammond now..
the same people who were shouting #AllLivesMatter are silent now that #ZacharyHammond, a white teen, was shot and killed by the police.
#ZacharyHammond name is getting plastered all over Twitter because #BlackLivesMatter have no problem making sure justice is for EVERYONE.
If you search the hashtag, you'll see that the vast majority of people speaking out for #ZacharyHammond right now are black.
State: *is worried about your safety because you bought $50 worth of marijuana* Also State: *kills you to keep you safe* #ZacharyHammond

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