10 fun and relaxing weekend getaways to go on before summer ends

Best Weekend Getaway Packing Tips
You're hard at work 5 days a week and truly look forward to weekends. It's a time for you to unwind, de-stress and decompress. For those of us with normal 9 to 5's, they're our great escape and truthfully the only thing keeping us going throughout the week.

In other words, we LIVE for the weekend. For most of us, Saturday and Sunday mean relaxing at home, going to the movies with friends or hitting the beach (amongst other fun activities). But how great would it be to actually get away for the weekend?

We're talking head to another state, check-in to a cute bed and breakfast and kick back like no other. Well, the truth is, many people do and you can too. We did some digging and discovered 10 of the best spots in the United States for an exciting and relaxing weekend getaway you'll love.

So grab your friends, pack your bags and (impatiently) wait for Friday -- because you DESERVE this weekend.

1. Monterey, California

2. ​Colorado Springs, Colorado

3. Vancouver, Canada

4. ​Williamsburg, Virginia

5. ​Kennebunkport, Maine

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

7. Charleston, South Carolina

8. Austin, Texas

9. ​Boston, Massachusetts

10. Memphis, ​Tennessee

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10 fun and relaxing weekend getaways to go on before summer ends

1. California State Route 1: San Francisco to Los Angeles

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2. Route 66: Chicago to Santa Monica, CA

Photo via Vvillamon/Flickr

3. Amish Country Byway: Holmes County, Ohio

Photo via Alamy

4. Blue Ridge Parkway: Shenandoah National Park, Virginia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina

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5. Upstate New York: Albany to the Finger Lakes

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6. Overseas Highway: Florida mainland to Key West

Photo via Alamy

7. Lewis and Clark Historic Trail: Illinois to Oregon

Photo via Alamy

8. Going to the Sun Road: Glacier National Park, Montana

Photo via Shutterstock

9. U.S. Route 1: Massachusetts to Maine

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10. Red Rock Scenic Byway: Sedona, Arizona

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