Woven hair trend replaces 90's rainbow hair wraps, takes Instagram by storm

Woven Hair Takes Instagram by Storm

Remember your 90's rainbow hair wraps you got at the beach? They're back -- but this time, they have a little more finesse.

Woven hair, or hair tapestry, is the latest festival hair trend taking Instagram by storm. It's bold, it's colorful, and it's definitely a fun way to get a unique look. Inspired by traditional tapestry from Argentina, the British Salon 'Bleach London' has been offering up the hairstyle and showcasing the looks online, which are pretty remarkable!

Needle-work pros or stylists use a tapestry loom and thread to create intricate detail through the locks. From just a few colors to rainbow stripes, or even adding stars or hearts, there are a number of ways to showcase your style on your strands. Whether you're hitting a music festival, or you just want a distinctive look, tapestries are a fun way to play up your hair!

While the art itself may be old school, one thing's for sure: This look seems much trendier than you're grandmother's crochet.

Photos of the trend on Instagram:

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