Government approves first 3-D printed drug

The Possibilities of 3D Printed Skin

The possibilities of 3D printing are revolutionizing manufacturing, science, biology and a myriad of other fields. Now it's time for medicine.

Pharmaceutical company Aprecia recently announced that the Food and Drug Administration approved Spritam, the first 3D printed drug.

Spritam is used for epilepsy but the way it's manufactured opens the doors to a whole new approach to medications.

3D printing allows for a much more precise consistency of the pill, which means faster dissolving times. Additionally, 3D printing lets the manufacturer create different layers of substance in the same pill, which can be custom made for each individual for a more dedicated treatment.

According to Forbes:

The advantage of this process is that the drug's unique structure allows it to dissolve considerably faster than the average pill (as seen in the video below). This capability provides relief for seizure sufferers who often are prescribed large, hard-to-swallow pills.

The results are incredible in terms of speed, as you can see from this video:

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