Why being a feminist is good for your relationship

9 Signs You're Definitely a Proud Feminist

While feminism has sparked dating stigmas in the past as people made false assumptions about feminist values in heterosexual relationships, the reality is that feminism actually benefits our relationships. Contrary to the unfortunately common belief, feminism has nothing to do with hating men or destroying chivalry. In fact, by infusing feminist ideals into our relationships, we respect our partners even more and are able to enjoy spending time together without silly gender-related expectations getting in the way.

The old adage "Who wears the pants in your relationship?" never comes into play in feminist relationships. Both partners are completely equal. They support each other's success, comfort each other in the face of failures, take turns with all chores, and make important decisions as a unit. By disregarding outdated traditions such as the men being breadwinners and the women staying home to cook and clean, couples eliminate any forms of resentment, disrespect, or unrealistic expectations. Here are 5 reasons why being a feminist actually helps your relationship.

1. You split all checks (except for special occasions!). By doing this, the man doesn't burn a hole in his pocket and the woman doesn't feel indebted to the man. Couples can simply enjoy a good movie or nice meal without any pressure. The only reason men used to pay was because women weren't able to work. In this day in age, why should the man pay for everything if the woman also has a steady salary? It just causes unnecessary tension.

2. You support each other's careers. It isn't awkward if the woman makes more money than the man. You both work hard! By being supportive of each other's careers, you not only eliminate tension in the relationship but you also improve your performance in the office. Having a successful and motivated partner inspires you to work harder and achieve a higher level of success in your career.

3. You take turns cleaning. Men are just as capable of cleaning the kitchen and putting the dishes away as women are. If you're both out working all day, why should the woman be the only one to help out with domestic duties? You can even make cleaning more entertaining by doing it side by side. Couples who clean together stay together!

4. You understand the beauty of compromise. There's nothing wrong with watching all of your man's favorite TV shows and sporting events so long as he watches a few rom-coms and reality shows from time to time. You'll try sushi if he tries Thai food. By compromising with regard to your different interests, you gain a sense of equality in the relationship. Plus, you both become quite adventurous and may even find yourselves enjoying your partners' favorite things. You love doing things together and that's all that matters.

5. You don't expect the man to put you on a pedestal. While chivalry might not be dead, expecting a man to go out of his way to please you on a daily basis is. There's nothing wrong with him holding the door open for you or pulling out your chair if that makes him feel like a gentleman. However, there is something wrong with your sending him out at 11 pm to pick up your favorite late-night snack. Make it an adventure and take the trip to the drugstore together!

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