Today in history: Nautilus travels under the North Pole

This Day in History: 08/03/1958 - Nautilus Reaches North Pole

On this day 57 years ago, Nautilus -- the world's first nuclear submarine -- accomplished its first undersea voyage to the North Pole.

The submarine boasted huge proportions of 3,180 tons, stretching 319 feet. Nautilus has also gone to Alaska and traveled nearly 1,000 miles under the Arctic ice cap in an effort to reach the top of the world. The submarine also went to Iceland in an attempt to pioneer a new and shorter route from the Pacific to the Atlantic and Europe.

Nautilus made history in a lot of amazing ways, but people are especially excited about the anniversary of the submarine's travel to the North Pole:

A Russian-born engineer, U.S. Navy Captain Hyman G. Rickover, directed the construction of the USS Nautilus. He joined the U.S. atomic program in 1946, and in 1947, he was put in charge of the navy's nuclear-propulsion program. Thus, he began his work on an atomic submarine. Before long, the nuclear submarine was making history.

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